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Description 'Set the Tone' is about self-love and respect. It is about knowing one’s self and one’s boundaries. As a Southern Arrernte / Mirning woman Catherine has experienced abuse, racism, sexism, double standards and set-backs, but these experiences don't define who she is, Catherine sets her own tone. Set the Tone presents in a sensual style, symbolising the story telling of a self-respecting woman.

Set The Tone was released on 17 June and features on her self-titled EP released 15 July 2016.



A Native Bird Media production.

• Director and Producer, Charmaine Ingram
• Director of Photography, Naithan Wiles
• Artistic director and Editor, Kyle Wilson
• 1st Camera, John Chisolm
• Lighting and Camera Assistant, Dirk Dickinson.

A special thanks to the traditional owners of Rainbow Valley and Epilogue café, as well as CAAMA Music and Productions.

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