Tourxoz Cyclists in Roebourne

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Description Cyclists from Tourxoz rolled into Roebourne this week to meet with locals and talk about mental health.
They were keen to kick the footy with the locals after hearing about the successful
WAFC - Pilbara Regional Football called 'Nightfields' that engages the youth every Friday night at the school oval.
Former AFL legend, Adam Goodes was amongst the throng of bike riders and told Ngaarda Media that the 'Black Dog' has been an issue for him.
"I've definitely been affected by the Black Dog, earlier in my playing career when I was doing a diploma in indigenous studies. I got very angry and upset about the things that had happened," he said. "A big part of me dealing with my anger is being part of the positive process which we are doing and empowering our people."

Ngarluma leader, Josie Samson thanked the cyclists for coming to Roebourne and saw their arrival and message as a positive reaction to the recent headlines in the media that spoke about sexual abuse charges in the Pilbara. " All these accusations that have been made about Roebourne keeps people away and gives people the wrong message," she said.
"I've lived here, we have our ups and downs like everybody else, but here we are striving as white and black ... working to build this community up.

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