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Description Australia's much loved rising all-female hip-hop act OETHA are thrilled to release an official video for CRUISIN; their gutsy no-nonsense shout-out to the sistahood about dropping back, chilling out, forget-the-men and take a Cruise into the sunset as fearless females.

The video is fun, colourful and driven by some dynamic performances. Shot on both digital and on 16mill film, the video has a classic warm 90’s throwback feel to it. Which perfectly complements the soulful sound of the song.

Crusin is an ideal follow up to Sista Girl. It’s an uplifting soulful song, layered with a smooth baseline and the sounds of luscious Rhode keys. Its soulful, jazzy vibe inspires some crew members to rhyme with poetic flows, while others still deliver their rhymes with the power of a strong feminine energy. Crusin is a female anthem.

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