#ENDINGTRACHOMA - Northern Goldfields Environmental Health Trachoma Project WA

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Added by Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia

Description This project is primarily focusing on the E strategies within the WHO SAFE trachoma strategy, but will also address the F. E represents environmental change and F symbolises facial cleanliness. The project will work the regional Public Health Units and our Aboriginal Environmental Health workforce, who are located within Aboriginal communities, to develop a Community Environmental Health Action Plan (CEHAP) which will identify and plan for sustainable and realistic trachoma prevention strategies (within a broader environmental health context). Key strategies within the project include working with local Aboriginal communities to identify what they think could be done within their communities to reduce trachoma and other hygiene related illnesses and include these as an integral component within the CEHAP. The #endingtrachoma project has also developed two trachoma advertisements which have been designed to run before and after the community movie night, just as a reminder about what we are trying to achieve in communities. The project will provide funds for community led demonstration projects each year. These projects will have an environment health focus that aims to reduce trachoma. Potential projects could include in-home bathroom assessments and minor maintenance, a community laundry service. The list is endless and up to the community!

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