Papunya Tjupi Painting Stories

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Description The western desert art movement began in the 1970’s in the Aboriginal community of Papunya, it is here where senior men painted murals on the school walls and the now famous Papunya Boards, this started a truly Australian Art Movement. The recently built men’s painting room and the revival of men’s painting at Papunya Tjupi Arts is testament to the legacy of those old men. We hear from Traditional Owner and artist Bob Dixon, emerging artist Keanu Nelson and art worker Herman Corby Tjapaltjarri.

Papunya Tjupi Arts’ women artists are renowned for the quality of their work they are held in major national and international and private collections. Join senior artist Mona Gorey Nangala, Candy Nelson Nakamarra and artist and artworker Sharon Butcher Napanangka as they take us inside the women’s painting space at Papunya Tjupi Arts.

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