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Description We had a couple of days on Melville Island to run a music program for Red Dust Role Models at Tiwi College. The front page of the NT news carried a 50/50 chance of a Cyclone as we boarded our little twin engined plane to Melville. On arrival, we were told that there would be no students at the college this week with the chance of the cyclone bringing more rain to the waterlogged island ..... the roads already 'eating' four-wheel drive vehicles in slippery bogs.
A quick change of plan and a few phone calls by headmaster Clancy had us all ready to head to Milikapiti (just over an hour north) in the morning.

With our intreped Red Dust leader at the helm of the troopie we dodged our way around the bog holes and made it to Milikapiti Primary for our impromptue workshop.

On our way into the settlement we came accross some of the Tiwi College students with bags in hand ready to be taken to the college for the week. They were disapointed to find out that school was cancelled but decided to hang around just in case there was time to write and record a song after the primary students had completed their workshop.
We had 2 hours at the end of the day and their patience was rewarded with this beautiful song and video ... amazing what you can achieve in 2 hours!!

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