1. You Wanna Party With Us? by Daz & Layla
  2. Nothing Really Matters by Steven Pigram
  3. Maverick by Daz & Layla
  4. Nobody's People by Lorrae Coffin
  5. Music Man by Family Shoveller Band
  6. Keep Me Warm (Live) by Albert Wiggan
  7. Mariah by Yabu Band
  8. Break the Cycle by Amoonguna Girls
  9. Love for Utju by Utju Band
  10. Only Love by Microwave Jenny
  11. Maysong by Stephen Pigram
  12. Back to Basics by Daz & Layla
  13. In My Country by Lorrae Coffin Band
  14. Jumpurtu Maroo by Family Shoveller Band
  15. Dear Prime Minister by Albert Wiggan
  16. Hurt By You by Microwave Jenny
  17. Dear Alistair by Stephen Pigram
  18. Galiwin'ku by Wildflower
  19. Wati by Tjupi Band
  20. Brand New Day by Desmond Woodforde & the U.P.K. Band