1. Gotta Go
  2. Waltjim Bat Matilda by Ali Mills
  3. Eagle by South East Desert Metal
  4. Ukiri Wanti by Irrunytju Band
  5. StrongBala
  6. Rockhole by Rockhole Community
  7. Breath Away by Barkly Boys
  8. Tomorrow's Heroes by Gowrie Boys
  9. Lake Nash Is My Home by Alpurrurlam Band
  10. Since the Dreaming by LNT
  11. Sky
  12. We're Not Leaving by The Yawada Crew
  13. Children of the Sun by The Schooly Crew
  14. Nyoongar Music by Walkabout Boys
  15. My Home by Walkabout Boys
  16. Long Train Running by Walkabout Boys
  17. Papa Atunymananyi (Song)
  18. Little Dutch Girl by Geoffrey Fletcher
  19. Yiyili by Fitzroy Xpress
  20. Rodeo Road by Fitzroy Xpress