1. Godspeed by Emma Sibosado
  2. Cry Freedom by Lorrae Coffin Band
  3. Bush Bands Bash 2010 - Sunlight Band
  4. Motherless Child by Groovylips & the Yang
  5. Friday Night by Walkabout Boys
  6. 2010 Ngaanyatjarra Turlku Purtingkatja Warakurna (Saturday Night)
  7. Coffin Unity by Lorrae Coffin Band
  8. Town by the Bay by Baamba & the Obamas
  9. Stand By Me by Cassana Phillips
  10. Neon Lights by Groovylips & the Yang
  11. Something in the Air by Family Shoveller Band
  12. Willi Willi Karti by Mervyn Mulardy
  13. Cat Fish by Groovylips & the Yang
  14. Little Sister by Seaside Drifters
  15. It Hurts to Be Me by Naomi Pigram
  16. Yangupala Tjuta by Steve Stevens
  17. Guitar ID
  18. Guitar ID
  19. Nigel and Ben Remix
  20. Kungka Palaru by Iwantja Band