Cookin' with LUI - Korean BBQ Glazed & Braised Chicken Thigh Cutlets

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Description Korean BBQ Glazed & Braised Chicken Thigh Cutlets are unbelievable ?
- Chicken Thigh Cutlets
- F.Whitlock & Sons Korean BBQ Marinade
- Honey
- Chinese cooking wine
- Water
- Brown onion sliced
- 6 cloves garlic finely chopped
- taco seasoning or Salt/Pepper/Garlic powder
Method: as per video
1. Season the chicken with taco seasoning
2. Cook onion & garlic a bit
3. Brown the chicken on high heat
4. Add Korean bbq sauce, some honey & Chinese cooking wine, reduce the heat to a low and bring the sauce to a simmer. Add water to thin it out a little, put a lid on and simmer until chicken is cooked about 30-45mins.
5. Hit it with the parsley.
6. Hit it with the spring onion.

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