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Description In 2014, New Dub City - led by producer and frontman Ali MC - toured to the remote Aboriginal community of Maningrida, where they conducted drumming workshops and performed a rare live show.
Mane Djang Karirra - meaning ‘the place where the Dreaming changed shape’ in local Kunibidji language - is a short documentary following the band as they experience the rich life and culture of the area.

Located in Arnhem Land, on the edge of the Arafura Sea, Maningrida is a community of roughly 2000 people from 15 distinct language groups.
Combining live MCing, didgeridoo (yidaki), dub sirens and West African drumming, Melbourne-based New Dub City took their show to Maningrida and in doing so, learned far more than they could teach.

Beautifully shot by photographer Francesco Vicenzi, and with a bass heavy dub soundtrack, Mane Djang Karirra provides a glimpse into gigging in a remote Aboriginal community.

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