Voices from the Gaslands - Neil's Story

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Description In 2009 QGC bulldozed part of an ancient cultural heritage site to put in a coal seam gas well.
The site was well documented and had been described by Archeologists as being thousands of years old. It was an unusual and well preserved Bora Ring that was highly regarded by members of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. The landholder had fenced the site off to stop cattle from trampling the unique stone arrangements. Traditional custodian Neil Stanley was a regular visitor to the site and looked after the special place. But QGC moved in on the site, cleared a swathe of land and drilled a gas well in the middle of the culturally significant Bora Ring. Neil Stanley describes the destruction as being like drilling a gas well in the centre of the Vatican. The destruction illustrates how not even a well documented culturally significant site is off limits to the gas companies in their quest to extract every whiff of coal seam gas from Queensland.

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