Hey Sugar - Kintore Community September 2012

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Description Red Dust Role Model Tour #3 to Kintore
18th, 19th & 20th September 2012

Part of Realtone Music Facilitators Steve Lane and Wayne Glenn's brief for this trip was to engage with the children of Kintore School (primary) to write and record a song and produce a video about the effects of too much sugar in your diet. (part of the Get Active, Eat Good Tucker, Live Longer campaign)

Wayne and Steve, are passionate about capturing authentic sounds from the community and our first port of call is to make contact with local musicians in the community.
In most cases, that may take a while... we need to establish who is one of the musical leaders of the community, then having explained our request, we drive around the community with them knocking on doors, seeing who is around.

This time as we arrived in Kintore, one of the first sounds we heard was a band ... we couldnt believe our fortune... and it got better! ... as we followed our ears to the source we discovered a band in full record mode .... muso's, amps and mics everywhere.

A Melbourne muso (Francis) was in town for 3 weeks...working through an Alice Springs University.... and all the bands were lined up to get there songs recorded.... something that doesnt happen much in Kintore.

We managed to meet some great musos and by the end of our first night there had a list of session musos that we could call on to help write the song, not to mention a place to record, some instruments and a mic'd up drumkit ... luxury!!

Over the next couple of days the song was written & recorded with the children of Kintore School and some of the local musicians.

A special thanks must go to George Butcher (son of the legendary Sammy Butcher of Warumpi Band fame) on guitar, Clive on drums and Solomon on vocals. Also to Francis, who facilitated much of the introductions and who lent us his gear.

The keys, percussion, maschine beats, harmonium, and other vocals were all performed by the children of Kintore School.

The track was engineered, edited and mixed by Steve Lane and Wayne Glenn.

A huge thanks must go to Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering who mastered the song at such short notice.


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