Central Land Council

The CLC represents Aboriginal people in Central Australia and supports them to manage their land, make the most of the opportunities it offers and promote their rights. It emerged from the Aboriginal struggle for justice and land rights.

In 1976 the Commonwealth's Aboriginal Land Rights Act (ALRA) gave Aboriginal people title to most of the Aboriginal reserve lands in the Northern Territory and the opportunity to claim other land not already owned, leased or being used.

The CLC divides its area covering almost 777,000 square kilometres into nine regions roughly based on 15 different language groups.

  1. Teaching Tracking
  2. CLC Ranger - Josephine Grant
  3. CLC Ranger - John Carl O'Cleary
  4. CLC Ranger - Bernard Bell
  5. CLC Ranger - Terrance Abbott
  6. CLC Ranger - Norm Raggett
  7. CLC Ranger - Wilhemina Johnson
  8. CLC Ranger - Krisilla Patrick
  9. CLC Ranger - Gladys Brown
  10. CLC Ranger - Cleveland Kantawara
  11. CLC Ranger - Lance Jeffries
  12. CLC Ranger - Dan Pepperel
  13. CLC Ranger - Ryan Raggett
  14. CLC Ranger - Raymond James
  15. 2018 Coniston - Commemorations: Ned Kelly, and Dinny Jampijnpa Nolan
  16. 2018 Coniston - Commemorations
  17. 2018 Coniston - Commemorations: Ned Kelly, and Tommy Thompson.
  18. CLC Rangers 'Looking After Country'
  19. Karlantijpa Savanna Burning
  20. Wirrkali