Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. Bandiyan (brown snake)
  2. Yirara2u - Episode 30 Term 3 - 2020
  3. This week we go for a camel ride, meet & say goodbye to Mr Stephens & play some smooth tag football
  4. Yirara TV - Work experience is a big thing, free dress rewards day with a disco and Clontarf is a big commitment
  5. We enjoyed the Melbourne Demons vs St Kilda match, taught the teachers our language and Red Center Cup.
  6. Yirara2u - Episode 26 Term 3 - 2020
  7. Unbroken Land 2020 Episode Six - Bloom
  8. Yirara TV - Desert Park adventures, work experience week at so many places and Girls AFL game, so much fun!
  9. Yirara’s Great Sports Carnival, Solar Buddies and staff verses students, what does that look like?
  10. The Little Emu
  11. Betski
  12. DHF20: Tadpole Blues - Tennant Creek Primary School
  13. DHF20: Mens Health Week - Tennant Creek High School
  14. DHF20: The Garden Project - Tennant Creek High School
  15. DHF20: The Song Room - Ellliott Primary School feat Ray Dixon
  16. DHF20: Radio Stars
  17. DHF20: Warumungu Songs - TC Primary Songs
  18. DHF20: Roller Door Art Project - Tennant Creek High School
  19. Our Bedtime Stories 2, Episode 19: Artwarle atye arerlewe (Kurdaitcha Story)
  20. Our Bedtime Stories 2, Episode 14: Atywetnpe ane Arlewatyerre (Perentie and Goanna Story)