Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. How to go to space while in our library, our new BBQ trailer and more...
  2. This week we make music in a garden, listen to sisters and help publish books.
  3. Wambool Worldwide - 'Changes'
  4. B-Town Warriors - 'Dreams'
  5. The Mob - 'Courage & Excellence'
  6. Wetland Warriors - 'Have You Heard the Word'
  7. B Town Warriors - 'Thundercloud'
  8. Githabul Next Generation - 'Breaking Habits'
  9. B-Town Warriors - 'Rewrite Your Story'
  10. B-Town Warriors - 'My Generation'
  11. Githabul Next Generation - 'Looking Out For Country'
  12. Yirara's Mothers Day Message 2018
  13. We say thank you to our moms, meet Shane and play with robots.
  14. Yirara TV Episode 3 Term 2 - 2018: We spend some some time with Luther College students, play some soccer and meet Margaret again.
  15. Yirara TV Episode 2 Term 2 - 2018
  16. Pipe Up Documentary
  17. Rock With The Doc
  18. Desert Harmony Festival: Barkly Ballet
  19. Desert Harmony Festival: Our Young People
  20. Talking Kaurna with children