Cookin' with LUI - Cajun Garlic Butter Prawns

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Description It’s not often I cook prawns but I was summoned by the family to cook 2kg of them at the beach and so I decided a Cajun style flavour would be good to try!

Cooked these on a local park bbq in Yeppoon next to the Lagoon and used some foil to block the drain so I could retain as much of the moisty-ness as I could. Made this up as I cooked, turned out deadly and I reckon some of you seafood lovers might like to try it too!
Knife from Thecavemanstyle
Ingredients I used:
- Prawns
- French shallot
- Garlic
- Chilli
- Dill
- Parsley
- Lemon
- Salted Butter
- NZ White Wine
- Cajun Seasoning

Method: (video for reference)
I just cooked the garlic, shallots and chilli in oil for a minute or so before adding the prawns (cleaned & peeled). Cooked those for a minute or so before adding the butter, lemon, Cajun seasoning and dill. Kept the heat up, cooked those until almost done, added the white wine to deglaze the bbq (loosen the browning for more flavour) and finished with the parsley! Always gotta hit it with the parsley ? for me I don’t cook prawns often so I used a thermometer to check the internal temp and once they were over 65 degrees Celsius they were ready. Family enjoyed them and yeah turned out alright.

Let me know if you give it a crack

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