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Description The Arnhem Human Enterprise Development (AHED) Project works alongside Yolngu people in the community of Galiwin'ku, Elcho Island in the Northern Territory. It is a project in responsive community development, seeking to provide long-term, on the ground support to any Yolngu people who want to make their visions, ideas, enterprises or solutions for their communities a reality.This short video gives a snapshot of the project and the context. For more information about the AHED Project, see

Many thanks to Dianne Biritjalawuy Gondarra and Timothy Demala for permission to use their interviews, the Gumatj clan for permission to use footage of ceremony, and to the community of Galiwin'ku.
With thanks to our wonderful volunteers: Si Costello for compiling the video, Nalissa Maberly for the voice over and Nick Payne for the use of recording facilities.
Footage by: Jazlie Davis-Grygoruk, Tim Trudgen and Carlyn Chen
Copyright Why Warriors 2014.

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