Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. Nyul Nyul Ngank/Word Of The Day: Angka
  2. AFL Melbourne Demon Gala Day, Work experience and boxing. So many story’s this week.
  3. Jacob Yunupingu shares his story, Music is a universal language and Headspace and the Defence force spend time with us.
  4. Short Film 'Mulli'
  5. Githabul Next Generation 'Home'
  6. Roebourne Community NAIDOC 2019 Blue Beanie Catwalk Parade
  7. Parramatta Ells interview, working with disability and Girls Academy morning tea. A good week to share so many stories !
  8. Nyul Nyul Ngank/Word Of The Day: Full Series
  9. Getting a job, up at dawn for breakfast training and an Amazing Race. So much fun in one bulletin !
  10. No Need To Hide Your Face - Yirara Strong Young Women
  11. We Are Connected - Yirara Senior Girls
  12. Yirara Girls - Yirara Strong Young Women
  13. Pirrjirdi Nyinaya - Yuendemu
  14. Two Way Eyes - Yirara Girls - Strong Young Women's Program
  15. Peppi School - Play Good Way
  16. Pass it on - Nauiyu Community
  17. Kaurna Language Bedtime Book
  18. Pirltawardli - EP 18. New Faces
  19. Pirltawardli Ep 17 - A day at the Beach
  20. Clouds - Ngoomelng