Young Way

Videos for children and young adults, includes: animations, music videos made by children and stories made by kids in community.

  1. One Million Dollars - Papunya 2018
  2. Epenarra - The Epenarra Way
  3. Bulman - Live a Good Life
  4. Music for Life - Milingimbi
  5. Redfern - Fast Paced
  6. Ever fallen off a billy kart or won the high jump, come and have a look at who has.
  7. The Mob - 'Speak With Me'
  8. Our Girls music video is out, we meet some fellas from CMS and we enjoy showing off our campus
  9. Territory Cup, Girls Camping, Health matters and our girls drive a mini excavator.
  10. Gunbalanya - Good Tucker Song
  11. Wadeye - "Mi Patha" ("Good Food")
  12. Wadeye - "We Can Do Anything"
  13. "Five Step Song" ("We Wash Our Hands")
  14. The Wello Crew - Bringin It Back
  15. The Condo Crew - 'How Ya Feelin'
  16. How to go to space while in our library, our new BBQ trailer and more...
  17. This week we make music in a garden, listen to sisters and help publish books.
  18. Wambool Worldwide - 'Changes'
  19. B-Town Warriors - 'Dreams'